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Tagging Matters

Naming is a serious process. It has been of crucial concern for many individuals within oppressed groups who struggle for self-recovery, for self-determination. It has been important for black people in the United States. Think of the many African-American slaves who renamed themselves after emancipation or the use of nicknames in traditional folk communities, where such names act to tell something specific about the bearer. Within naming is a source of empowerment, an important gesture in the process of creation. A primacy is given to naming as a gesture that deeply shapes and influences the social construction of a self. As in southern African-American folk traditions, a name is perceived as a force that has the power to determine whether or not an individual will be fully self-realized, whether she or he will be able to fulfill their destiny, find their place in the world.
-- bell hooks on naming, from "Talking Back"


We'll start the morning with marking up your own biography(ies), or someone else's if you choose so, in the format FOAF. We will then visualize the graph, and discuss problems, possibilities and possible relations between biographies created.

RDFA as a bridge from database (just the facts) to writing text (and context).


Starting from the morning exercise, we will attempt combinations, collaboratively writing, forking, mixing and matching.

Anna Wierzbicka


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