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October 2010/November 2010

Worksessions held in Brussels 2010 participants: Michael Murtaugh, Alexandre Leray, St├ęphanie Vilayphiou

Thursday, October 28 2010

Morning: Review, state of the Video Wiki


Alex investigated Javascript documentation systems (taking jquery.timecode.js as an example).

Stephanie investigated possibilities for filtering the resources list in the Django app.

Michael worked on the single resource view -- attempting to integrate code with the new "playlist" javascript (aamedia/scrubber)... and fixing the resource box to support automatic sizes as the default.

  • We should add a last_annotated timestamp to a resource to allow for efficient sorting of resources by when they were last changed. (Similarly -- annotations could have a last_modified tag)
  • Template views could make use of Django's regroup template tag

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