Worksession Barcelona October 2010

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5 day October 2010


Afternoon: F + M + N Planning, budget. Talk about current state of AA and Spip. Future plans, how we would like to work (documentation, repository, etc).


10-13h Meeting Fundació Antoni Tàpies with Laurence, Linda Valdés, Gala Sicart Olavide, Núria Solé Bardalet. Talk about the Arts combinatòries project, legal work, documentation center, see convergence with AA.

13-15h00 Meeting with Jaume Nualart and Linda Valdés Arts combinatòries, technical aspects and specifications.

16-20 h00 F + M + N worksession


10-13h00 F + M + N worksession

15h00 visit of Riereta

19h00 Bauman and Lessig (CC) at the CCCB


16-20h00 F + M + N worksession


10-11h00 F + M + N + Linda Valdés + Gala Sicart Olavide + Núria Solé Bardalet: Fundació Antoni Tàpies relations with id law partners (Spanish lawyer's officer, specialized in the legal field of technologies of information society and intellectual property).

11-14h00 F + M + N + Linda Valdés worksession

14-16h00 F + M + N + Linda Valdés + Laurence: meeting and next plans

Thursday: State of the project

Current aabrowser server software has basic keyword support. Not fully integrated (ideally changes in annotations immediately reflected)

In my mind:

  • Extreme portability: How to work with the "folder of images & movies from a camera" problem
  • How to get back to ... FeedPaint
  • AA as Firefox extension? ShiftSpace, ReframeIt
  • jQuery for media: toolkit for use, not over-prescribed (danger in XML format?)

Active Archives as a set of tools to "make the web a (multimedia) wiki":

  • Give "random access" to elements of the web, including audio/video
  • Structured text representation for writing / recording this data
  • "Media player" like access to elements on the page (shuffle play / slideshows)
  • Edit tools built in: fluid movement from viewing to editing/adding annotations
  • Integrate with the capabilities of commandline linux tools like ffmpeg, exiftool, imagemagick (dream image: social annotation of command line scripts)

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