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Construction.gif This page represents an in process project. Temporalities may not fully align with reality.

WARNING: The software documented here is not of production quality. This project is still very much a research project that is currently in a consolidation period to plan for the future. Install at your own risk.

Install development version


Please first install these software in order to get AA running properly:

 - Django >= 1.3 <>
 - SQLite3 <>
 - PySQLite2 <>
 - Git <>
 - Git-Python <>
 - google-diff-match-patch <>

On Ubuntu/Debian, this should do the trick:

   sudo apt-get install python-pip
   sudo pip install django
   sudo pip install gitpython
   sudo pip install html5lib
   sudo pip install markdown
   sudo pip install diff-match-patch
   sudo pip install python-dateutil
   sudo apt-get install sqlite3
   sudo apt-get install python-pysqlite2
   sudo apt-get install graphviz
   sudo apt-get install python-pygraphviz
   sudo apt-get install python-librdf
   sudo apt-get install python-lxml
   sudo apt-get install git

Quick Installation

1. Clone the repository onto your machine

      git clone 
      (apparently rdfutils is also needed git clone 

2. Once you've installed the required dependencies:

      cd /path/to/aa.core/run

3. Build the database:

      python syncdb
  (The prompt will ask for the admin infos.)
  (Initial data will be loaded.) 

4. Run the django webserver:

      python runserver

5. Configure the project domain name at:

  Typically the value must be "localhost:8000" if you are running the project
  on a local server.
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