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Contents Lightning Talk SMWCon Köln 2012

The Flemish Institute for the Performing Arts (VTI) had published a series of DVDs about theater and dance in (and around) Flanders. Each DVD treated a decade (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's).

Composed of:

  • Video fragments from performances
  • Original interviews from artists and critics (video)
  • Archive materials (photographs, texts)

Toneelstof DVD.png


Instead of continuing with the DVD's they wanted to make something web-based.

VTI Website.png


  • No rights for using the video fragments of actual performances (cleared for DVD but not web)

Available material

  • Interviews (Video + Transcriptions)
  • Archive materials were OK to use
  • Extensive data on productions, people, and organisations
    • 56844 people
    • 20700 productions
    • 12427 organisations
    • 733845 relationships (of which 253986 link people+organizations to productions through one of 641 functions)
    • Made available as Linked Open Data as

Material online

  • Video material on other sites
  • Wikipedia
  • Other Online Theater Science Archives


Toneelstof TranscriptionWordAnnotation.png

Core Productions

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Editorial Solution: SMW!

  • Wiki as a place to collect different materials and interlink them (Glue)
    • Documents within the organization
    • Resources online
  • Semantic Markup as a means of coding transcriptions in a meaningful/useful way
  • Editorial feedback loop: Edit, View Summaries, Make corrections, Repeat...

SMW: Transcription Markup

MegStuart TranscriptionAnnotation.png

SMW: Transcription Markup

MegStuart SMW.png

SMW: Markup

MegStuart TranscriptionProperties.png


Toneelstof FragmentsOverview.png

Toneelstof Properties.png

Front End


  • Collaborative editing
  • Page/Article-based navigation
  • Flexibility


Toneelstof Pipeline.png

  • End-to-end Graph
    • RDF as interchange
    • SPARQL construct queries (Graph -> Graph)
    • Graphs in Javascript: rdfgraph+d3 force layout (graph-oriented layout/navigation)


Toneelstof SyncBash.png




Toneelstof is a production of the VTI

Developed and designed by Michael Murtaugh & Femke Snelting

contact: mm at

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