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Author: Francois Bucher





In the context of a symposium on the nascent problem of drug trafficking in Colombia in 1978, Ernesto Samper read a speech in which he was prophesying with extraordinary clarity what would happen to the country if the taboo built around the topic of legalization was not broken. Samper, who had organized the symposium as president of the ANIF – invited the ambassador of the United States at of that time, among other participants-, and stated, with all clarity, the lost cause of trying to face the drug problem as if it was a "war". All the arguments of such a lucid speech keep on being irrefutable. What has indeed changed, because of the bloody history of Colombia, is the progressive stigmatization of the topic. The paradoxes of life did make Samper drag the effects of what he himself had watched in to the horizon. And as in the Greek tragedy, it is also probable that his initial lucidity became the real cause of tragedy.


François Bucher is an artist from Cali, Colombia; he lives and works in New York. His work has been exhibited internationally in group and one man shows including: Location One, New York, 2002; Empire/State, artists engaging globalization, Whitney Museum Independent Study Program exhibition, 2002; Speaking Truths, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, 2002. “White Balance”, 2002; was included in the special program of the Oberhausen Film Festival; the 4th Indonesian Independent Film-Video Festival; Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Media Arts Festival in Friesland; The New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center, and will be shown at The Tate Gallery in London. From 1999 - 2000 Bucher attended The Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York. He was awarded the Alliance Française prize in Bogotá, Colombia ­ a residency at La Cite des Arts, Paris. He was also a recipient of The New York City Media Arts Grant of The Jerome Foundation, in 2000. Bucher is a founding co-editor of Valdez Magazine.

About the project

A guest is invited to sit in front of a television holding a live microphone in one hand and a remote control to shift through the News Channels in the other. What appears on the TV monitor is streamed alongside the voice of the guest who is addressing the news that he/she is watching live. An archive will be created online (web address to be determined) and a compilation will be eventually edited from the most significant moments of each session.



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