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Could we address here an "attitude" in regards to semantic web. Humanizing the "machine readable".

How to address:

  • Adding alternative content.
  • Pulling in smaller organizations, ones not pulled in.
  • Create an application that pulls rdf sources from smaller scale, diverse cultural organizations.
  • Connecting to / supporting specific software cultures with AA (as opposed to imposing a normative model).

Spider -- importance of people doing themselves.

Putting the Human back in the Machine

We should be careful, however, with this distinction between human and machine readable. Much of the language surrounding the Semantic Web is, perhaps unintentionally, charged. In this case of 'human' and 'machine', what we are really discussing is the differences in the shapes of data intended for divergent purposes. 'Human-readable' simply refers to shaping the data with concern for parsing by human eyes: on the Web this generally involves wrapping the RDF data in HTML and CSS in a (hopefully) readable way. 'Machine-readable' refers, on the other hand, to formats suited for automation. Right now that means XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Many who have worked with XML for extended periods do indeed generally agree with the notion that XML is not suitable for human consumption. It nevertheless remains worthwhile to remember that we are not working to serve data to machines---it's just that machines can operate on certain formats (XML) in a more automated way than others (HMTL).

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