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Active Archivists Femke Snelting and Michael Murtaugh took part in the Taking care of things event in L√ľneburg, Germany, at Lephana University in January 2014. As part of the "care group" Civil Archaelogy, they worked together with Marcell Mars, Cornelia Sollfranck, David Garcia, and Robert Ochshorn.

more photos from the event



As part of their participation in the event, of Femke & Michael conducted 3 interviews related to archival work:


Construction.gif This page contains some (still rough) notes from before, during, and after the event. We plan to post more concrete results soon.

Etherpad(s) we used before/during the event



  • Going offline... Working with files again.
  • From database to documents (Re-Documenting... or need better term for this)...
  • Archives not yet online, Archives never online, Archives not forever online
  • Working in situations where starting over is not an option, where one must work within available resources
  • How to link to / work with things that don't (yet/still) exist (nog niet, niet meer, nooit)
  • Accepting "workarounds" as main workflow
  • Evt. links to new forms of publishing such as epub (offline HTML)
  • The idea of "checking out" a file in CVS systems (vis-a-vis the library concept)
  • A system/platform to be taken care of
Offline/Analog Offline/Digital
(Online/Analog?) Online/Digital
Traditional Library USB Stick, Hard drives, EPUB
Guttormsgaard... online catalogs of objects
but also Data center, Servers?
The Internet / The Web

Beyond offline/online, there's also different kinds of networks...

Also "offline" could also be distributed, and available from a variety of sources both public and private.

Online 24/7 Public Internet... Private networks connected via the public internet (VPN)... Locally situated network available as needed/desired (pirate box)


  • aa-wget (recording a trace of a download)
  • aa-convert (recording a trace of an image manipulation)
  • aa-anotate (time based annotation and recomposition)

? PP / Lisp: A Language for Stratified Design

  • "Tutorials"
    • How to download something from the web (and not "kill it")
    • How to place an image online (and still embrace the network)
  • Use AA to cross link Feminist Server Summit with Cornelia Sollfrank's Giving What You Don't Have clips, and eventually new material from the workshop itself ?!



Watching a video on audio archives, still struck by emphasis on automated tagging (open calais auto-markup etc)... makes me think about how "total automation" in terms of full editorial process isn't possible, nor really desirable. What you do have though are different scales of editorial assistance. So automatic analyses are potentially very useful, as starting points, but ultimately it matters what can be over-written or "manually" done.

A real discovery from browser is this idea of search result into a document, and the idea of editability at all stages.

What links here

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