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26 September 2013, Stockholm, Sweden


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Arteleku, Miren Eraso, from library practice to rethinking art institution

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A decentralized system connecting on- and off line practices of publishing, broadcasting, archiving, promotion, cataloguing, research and (cultural) production.

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  • Sharing content and conditions of use
  • Sharing the care for data

Keeping context - Avoiding poverty through generalization, decontextualization

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Decimal Dewey System vs Moscow Soviet library


Formulating classifications in dialog

Decimal Dewey system n 200 Religions of the world.

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CCCB, Barcelona

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Fundacio Tapies, Barcelona - Ars Combinatoriae

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Constant, Brussels, Timed Text.

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Consider the archive not only as preservation or conservation but also as an editorial process.

Archiving starts now!

Archive interfaces


Pilar Blesa


Pilar.jpg MNAC (Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) Pilar Blesa, chief archivist

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Videowiki, Demo

Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)

Erkki Kurenniemi (born July 10, 1941 in Hämeenlinna, Finland) is a Finnish designer, philosopher and artist, best known for his electronic music compositions and the electronic instruments he has designed. He is considered one of the leading early pioneers of electronic music in Finland. Kurenniemi is also a science populariser, a futurologist, a pioneer of media culture, and an experimental film-maker. (from Wikipedia)

Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)


Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)


Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)


Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)


Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)


Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)


Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)


Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)

(6/24/1996 9:44pm, Personal)

Will she (either of them) share the love of pornography? Or at least, art? I shall pre- sent myself to both of them as a geniality self-flagellat%n machine. Just one bottle tonight, ok? I shall invite them on to my journey of change, showing the way ahead. Immortality.

I will let them to sniff and sneak through my archives.

Online Active Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)

Erkki Kurenniemi has documented his life, but has not archived it. Multiple partial orders coexist.


The problems of "direct access"

We have not made an interface to the files as "originals", rather have approached the materials through tools as interlocutors.

  • Legality (shared objects, to archive someone's life is to archive many lives)
  • Quantity (does a selection represent the whole)
  • Kurreniemi (capturing the richness of experience / embodiment?)

Consider an image...

(this page intentionally blank)

Consider an image...

Imagine a picture. An horizontal picture of 2592 pixels wide and of 1944 pixels height. Its print size is 36x27 inches.

The picture has been taken on the 06th of November 2004 at 21h56:37. The document set contains 45732 pictures by Erkki Kurenniemi for the year 2004. Erkki took 223 pictures in 2004 between the hours of 9 and 10pm. On 45732 pictures present in the dataset, Erkki took 33712 at night.

In the folder where this file is located, there are 28 other pictures. They have been taken between 21h56:32 and the next day at 19h21:18. The folder Harrin bileet can be seen as a sequence of 21 hours 24 minutes 46 seconds of the life of a man of 63 years and 4 months at the date the picture is taken. It took 10 of a 400th second for the camera to take the picture. The blink of an eye.


This picture has been taken with a SONY camera. We have no details about the orientation of the camera.

The camera stores the pictures on an internal memory card. It names them following the pattern DSCN four digits and the extension.JPG where the four digits represent the number of the file. The file we are concerned with is named DSC02048.JPG. A search for the same filename in our local computer gives 5 results. The search took 0m 23.009s. In the 5 results, one image is the exact copy of the picture. It belongs to a folder that contains 29 images, the exact same amount of pictures as in the picture folder.

The format of the picture is a JPG for Joint Photographic Experts Group. When compressing in the jpeg format, the resolution of the color data is reduced, usually by a factor of 2. The Joint Photographic Experts Group thinks that the eye is less sensitive to fine color details than to fine brightness details.


EK ImageMagickEXIF.png

Whispers of data

The colorspace of the picture is RGB. It contains 3 components Red, Green and Blue. The components are evenly distributed. The standards deviations are close to the means. The kurtosis and the skeweness of the components indicate an even distribution of the left tail and the right tail of the values. Therefore the image doesn't show big contrasts and is dark. Probably taken in an interior or in the shadow. Most of the images of the folder follow the same pattern.


The level of skin colors is low, there is probably no nudity in the image. Or at least, nudity is not the main subject of the picture. In opposition to 63 percent of the pictures that contain a significant amount of skin colors. Two photographs in the same folder contain a large percentage of skin colors in their center. They are taken at 23h41 and 23h42, one hour and 45 minutes after the picture.

There are 172 corners present. This level indicates that the picture may have been taken in a built environment.

There are 3 faces positioned at (xx,xx) , (xx,xx) and (xx,xx). They occupy a portion of xx% of the image. One at the lower left corner and two in the upper half of the image. The distance between the tree rectangles is in average xxx. The people are close without touching each other. The proximity of the photographer and the position of the face in other pictures prove that the photographer moves easily among the circle of people photographed.

It is dark now. It is the end of an evening of November 2004. And the face in the center of the image receives more light than the one next to it at the right side. Two hands are close to the second face poorly lit. An image begins to form in the back of your mind, and we have only started counting.

Open Computer Vision

DSC2048-wk.JPG color red pct 3.jpg

Open Computer Vision


Open Computer Vision

2012-09-14 00-55-34-red-average.jpg-green-average.jpg-blue-average.jpg-average.jpg

Data (and metadata): Speed-reading the diary

EK DRY Newton.png

EK NDRY Dream.png

EK NDRY Love.png

EK NDRY Sex.png



EK2048 Cassettes Kassel IMG 3083.JPG

Listening to the cassettes.


Dataradioworkshopbrussels01.jpg Dataradioworkshopbrussels02.jpg KurenniemiDataradioAarhus01.jpg KurenniemiDataradioAarhus02.jpg



  • Audio stream + chat


  • Removing the "file"
  • Listening as a social act

Resisting an interface

  • Imagine a...
    • Sound file
    • File & Folder
    • Photo Gallery


  • Interviews
  • Gradual Average
  • Amplitude Sort
  • Spectrum Sort
  • Synthesis
  • Audiogrep
  • Description of an image/folder

Gradual Average

Gradual average.png

Spectrum Sort


Spectrum Sort






Description of a image/folder


Chat as annotation


Technology of presence

Looking at the myriads of photographs, hours of unedited films one irresistibly feels the utopia of a divisible present, a present that can be archived while living it, the possibility of an archive in the present tense.

Technology of presence

In Conway’s ‘Game of Life,’ on a finite field, almost all random configurations eventually die out: death is alive. Erkki Kurenniemi, Relative Life.



Algo - rhythmics



Oral Site

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What links here

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