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Construction.gif This page represents an in process project. Temporalities may not fully align with reality.

Active Archives has been developed through a series of workshops and applications. Here a (still rough) attempt to briefly walk through some of the projects, and an indication of key outcomes / discoveries from each.



  • From upload to index in place (cache) (inverting the CMS model of uploading)
  • Fusion with mediawiki as a backend

Kitchen table workshop

  • Disappearance script: SRT as an input to an script, transformation into a new outcome, also the expressivity of subtitles (and the ASS format)
  • First exploration of placing images in relation to audio/video (Nice example of an unexpected / undesigned outcome -- the decision to use textile suggested possibilities -- in particular the markup of !URL! to embed an image both enabled images (unexpected) and also suggests a more general purpose means of embedding media in a timeline!)

Constant video wiki

  • Writing with video
  • Michael Moss: Power to include images / web fragments as annotation to a talk (Nice paralellism of how a poem becomes a structure for a lecture)
  • Stare: PDF reordered.... Possibilities to see multiple orders ?! (Powerpoint presentation gets reordered in the film, No single timeline ?! / How to have sequences too ipv timeline)
  • Pieter Geenen: The importance of silence (Annotating moments of silence in YouTube Testimonal clips)

Worksession Barcelona October 2010

  • Alma Matrix: Video as a basis to link high quality images + Textual Data (in the form of labels used in the exhibition)


Used at Libre Graphics Meeting in Brussels 2010; Video wiki used to annotate (directly after filming) a set of questions to participants of the meeting. LINK

  • Video wiki as a backend
  • First use of RDF + SPARQL to decouple the back and front ends / as the publishing pipeline


  • Portability/Flexibility of use (offline workshops), "Publishability"
  • Hierarchy & synonyms with tagging
  • d3 interfaces / flexibility in javascript/rdf

Tagging Matters

Oral site

  • Shift from resource to an virtual (page) timeline
  • Embedding media as a means of playing them
  • Specific focus on WYSIWYG / page layout, in combination with (media-drive) timeline
  • "Cinematic" mode / dynamic switching between editing and "presentation" mode
  • Antonia Baher

SARMA site

  • RDF as an index / "What links here" as a widget

Open House

  • "TagPlayer" a simple rdf-driven embeddable player giving (rdf) tag based dynamic playlists


  • Semantic mediawiki as a writing space / backend / generator of RDF
  • rdfgraph to visualize tags as "nodes" that connect distributed materials
  • The surprising effectiveness of Fancybox as a visual means of navigating externally linked documents (and the need for extending / improving on this idea)


  • Compass Recorder
  • Sentence generator
  • Offline publishing (desire for)
  • Audio tools (normalization, etc) (desire for)

Who's who

  • Continued development of rdfgraph
  • RDF as a (realtime) bridge to Postgres/Relational DB
  • RDF as an very effective way of representing Functions & Roles (through predicates)
  • Calculating / Computing "shared production" relationships to show person to person relationships (not directly in the db)
  • The power/significance of "simple" lists (People, Productions, Organisations)
  • Effectiveness of treemaps for showing relations grouped by role

Erkki Kurenniemi: In 2048

  • Algorithmic annotation
  • Local files / Offline
  • SHA/"content" addressing
  • Audio stream as output
  • IRC annotation
  • Spreadsheets as "rdf-lite"
  • Talking about groups of files, (Description of a folder as a composite of many sources)
  • Visibility: The visual / blindness / An image that cannot be seen (in a "image gallery" way). All the access we take for granted; what does it mean to look at an image.
  • Data browser: Complexifying the contents of the archive
  • Finding other connections beyond just the surface (the image as pixels, the website as screenshot).

What links here

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