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Historiography of Internet Collections

Notes and links from Femke's Sunday presentation at the Workshop in San Sebastian, 2008.

Some thoughts on time, place and use of Internet Archives



Alexei Shulgin refresh project

Example of the linked image of a plastic bag later updated to remove the bag.

First idea of an "Image Tracer" came in relation to images of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Wikipedia / history flow Example: Evolution

Image tracer


"the work is as much the history of its use as the code"

License form for submitting a work to an archive

Rhizome / Rhizome Tags

  • Example of artist submitted tags
  • "active" tags
  • if a tag becomes popular, rhizome may choose to make if official

Example:, a software art repository

  • Ability to see a history of change of terms
  • runme doesn't offer the possibility to view the history of tags, but we can use the [wayback machine] to do this.

What links here

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