Economies of the Commons 2 (Notes)

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Day 1

Ben Moscowitz

What's wrong with the status quo?

1. Proprietary (Real) 2. Disconnected (YouTube) 3. Engagement (YouTube Comments)

Popcorn example -- demo of a movie that's different each time.

! Show KWF as example of augmented video, context, authoring

On-Demand The clip is the limit


Open Video HTML5+javascript+open standards+open APIs

Video tag as Image Tag ! Talk more specifics: Include videos from external URL (without API/permission), standardized event model / scripting API, on the fly seeking (without special server software) WebM+H264 chart with browsers (nice)

Movement away from single provider (Idea to be the best provider, ipv the only provider) (source??)

Life cycle of open-licensed media

shows Universal Subtitles / PCF as "most real world" example of the ideas

! Show search result example (material?? maybe)

Open Video Alliance: Whitepaper Video for Wikipedia and the Open Web (Peter Kaufman)

Peter Kaufman

Example of Human Property / Slavery Question of balancing property rights / laws

! SRT as coming from fan culture (examples of fan subs?)

Book ripper, DVD ripper, Download Helper, P2P/Torrents

Example of Eyes on the Prize, Click-through to licensing information as alternative to the End-Roll Credits.

Stevie Wonder clip from PBS 13 -- link through to the "Music Cue Sheet" of the program.

! AA, browser -- as integration with web workflows (capturing ephemeral documents)

! What is Open Data / Responsibility of a Public Institution

Example of running Screenplay pages through Google Mail as an example of seeing potential advertisers (as a kind of meta data).

Example of a tagged Orlando.

! Show example of SRT ! Example with TransLearning, search ??

?? Videogrep

Jaime King (VODO)

Experience of Steal this Film -- piggybacking on torrents / pirate sites -- appearance next to "Spiderman" or whatever.

formula: CwA+RtB (connect with audience + reason to buy) (source ?)

Pioneer One (dramatic series) Peer Paradigm

  • Example of BitTorrent means of "socialising distribution"
  • crowdfunding (sometimes it works, sometimes not)
  • crowdsourcing attention ()

! show TransLearning as example (idea of eventually generating documentary / material) ? Allow Later contact with users to set licensing... (?)

! maybe problematic to show KWF/TL => material is NOT open licensed... DO NOT SHOW! ! LGM needs to be shown

> Connections to FaceBook / Twitter / evt BlogSnippets (?!)

Example of the studio visit; idea of vicarious experience / sharing of creative process

Dolf Veenvliet (Blender)

Blender users -- engaged users Power of Big Buck Bunny / Elephant's Dream as demo material (supposedly used )

Distribution of models as self-promotion <!> In their experience: the use of a blog during the production process increases audience involvement -- return to follow process -- and eventual DVD sales

Movement to stock models

> Crowdfunding

Kickstarter, Indy GoGo (examples of local, NL crowd sourcing)

XS4all giving free rackspace

(ability to download from youtube ??)

Dutch Film Funds example -- need to have an all Dutch credits (fought for American director)

Michael Dale

! Wikipedia quote of "Simplest possible database" ! AA aim for similar simplicity / radical modularity / flatness ==> day in the life

! Demo of going beyong subtitles => Extension into the web...

Example of using Universal Subtitles as an editor. Swarm Player

! Videogrep useful in terms of radical de-centralization / pipeline ! Dusan!

! Introduce myself as a developer

Metavid: Example of Semantic Media Wiki queries as generator of RSS feeds. Firefogg

>> need to ask about this: Video Sequencing system!

Wikimedia Commons: Sequencer (using SMIL) Idea to publish an embeddable clips into Articles.

Apparent problem in getting the project started -- where is the need coming from -- who needs this tool?

"Neutral point of view" is maybe getting in the way? Paul Keller: Mave the frame of Wikipedia isn't so condusive to experimentation / use

! AA Working method: Working sessions / Cross-disciplinary: The Kitchen table conference / as a way of breaking open the process ! How to involve amateur-programmers! / edge designers / choreographers...

> tap into the experience of others in thinking about timed text / ...

Frans Ward (surfnet)


classical backend / frontend split surfmedia portal

media mosa -- open source platform for media distribution control over viewing... transcoding

usage: teleblik, leraar24, rest protocol

! Idea of RDFa putting the database INTO the page -- the webpage is your interface

DC/QDC IEEE LOM Learning Ojbect Metadata CZP Content zoek profile


! AA as a tool for understanding / managing / getting a grip on technical aspects of videos as well.

Bram Tullemans (NPO)

Their definition of quality as parity with commercial software (missing the point?)

! embracing of "amateur" nature of free software

Gap of functionality

"Problems of OSS"

> Hard to find companies that will support OSS with clear Service Level Agreements. (only looking for large scale) (LOOK HARDER -- THEY ARE THERE!) > Development Most of the time lots of tailor made programming is needed (THAT'S THE STRENGTH!) > Communities A lot of OSS development communities dissolve

(Very telling in that each point has a clear corresponding limitation in the commercial world, )

Afternoon Session: HTML5

@huskyr ?? slides on git (nice)

vpro > uses couch (how?!)

Advantages of HTML5:

  • First class citizen

(nice example of jquery rotation of a p, a img, video

List of reasons (would add easy inclusion of remote URLs -- ability to juxtapose videos from multiple sources)

VPRO chose to use html5 as standard interface. jquery.htmlplayer with various kinds of canvases

Ask Erik for URL of back end for de balie ?

11-12 March, Trouw Video Vortex 6

>> Call for paritipation (Rachel)



! Include images from Barcelona 1 with the archivists. ! example of linking images to timeline (Femke's markup example! test local)

(tim ... archivist for Beeld & Geluid ? )

elias: serious retweets...

watisda(t)... tagging game from Beeld & Geluid. 888 files (890 files?) for much more specific tagging DeWereldDraaitDoor... Example of twitter while watching a live broadcast.

! Subtitles examples >> Videogrep


Hybrid forms

End of the day discussion with Jeff Ubois -- Personal Archive -- reminder of how AA is about:

  • Minimal
  • Text as interface
  • Pipeline
  • Software is not the main focus of output

Day 3

 ??: Europeana

<!> Engagment with end users a key component

For Eurpeana, the real problem: How do we sustain digitization and rights issues?

> The question of "orphan work"

Jaromil / Marco Sachy

Croudsourcing that ultimately alienates the original human (Example of the mechanical turk)

Giorgio Agamben

Photo of USB stick in wall: Aram Bartholl

Cyclos Open Source Software for banking

Currency: an agreement within a community to use something as a means of payment (Lietaer 2001)

Eelco Ferwerda oapen open access publishing in european networks

Dolf Veenvliet

Value of people who complete their projects.

super nice:

 It's not a problem if you fail, as long as you do it in public.

Really nice examples of models being animated / reused.

Importance of making things impactful / relevant

(Present power point PDF remixing)


Rethinking what is currency

Morgan's intro -- wikipedia made the encycopedia into a conversation... Open video doing the same for video.

Ben Moscovitz

Open Licensing isn't everything -- ultimately about supporting

Ben starts with example "what/sucks" search on YouTube.

Example of Downfall + take down as a major threat (almost everyone in the audience has seen)

Example of multitouch events -- Auto tune the news

"You can't be the only profider of your content, but you can be the best..." Eirik Solheim,NRK (Norweigen Broadcasting)

>> An Intelligent Television Whitepaper

Michael Dale

>> Active Archives >> Create demo pages! >> (compare with firefox pages)

(Sequence demo is a video about a Cat)

Peter Kaufman

Martin Daumers (Flickr Ripper)

Idea of cross posting content to YouTube / Wikipedia

Pandora Music Genome Project

Example of Google Mail frame

The problem being not the ads, but that Google is profiting from it.

Call for a tool to appraise the economic / social value of content. (Example of the Orlando script through gmail) Example of the Orlando image breakdown. (punchline of the lipstick for sale at target)


comprehensive knowledge archive network ckan

(need to understand Linked Open Data) Sparql end point

Repository to hold shared data.

(Error: may be to repeat the idea of a centralized )

Arguments for getting data out...

Increase searchability

Easier to open up data than opening up content?

>> !! RDF as a way of increasing your searchability

Kevin Kelley Technium ??

Make a means of publishing something on your own site to make it easily importable by ...

! find example: MDT (Massachusetts Department of Transportation) experimentation video showing how derivative works can be made

? worry of misunderstanding of misuse

Question of NPOV: in video (no good answer)

Where's the money?


The main preoccuation is sustainablity that is to saw avoid predatory use of the old and new digital commons.

Maybe an example of too literal take of Open Source to Open Data, notion of a centralized repository perhaps outmoded) -- more interesting to think of as an index (maybe ultimately the difference is hidden on the surface)

Inge Angevaare

Reminder of the materiality of the digital.

Gives the example of a single bit destroying an image (JPEG) -- later returned to by Birte as the need to redundancy (the JPEG is stripped of all redundancy)

Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard

Question of what it is we want to preserve?

(Wax cylinders + machines)

Access = Placing objects in a context

Timeline image for Web 1.0 -- Web 4.0...

ESP game (based on the millions of hours of solitaire use) Luis von Ahn

  • Activities exclusively for 65+, use for tagging / verifying tags
  • Question of which data would be more trusted: that of librarians vs. "experts" from the outside

The lifecycle cost formula (LIFE) project:

www.costmodelfordigitalpresevation... ? oops

"Ingest" is really the a (digital) archivists world for incorporating / scanning objects.

Important role of redundancy Electricity costs (60% of society?!)... they consider moving their servers to Norway where hydro electricty

Jeff Dubois UC Berkeley

LOCKSS (lots of copies keeps stuff safe)

Concern about Public-Private partnerships (disturbing trend in private companies doing digitisation for organisations with then a 20 year exclusive agreements, (stipulations like no commercial use for the organisation, or no use outside the national borders). Google books.

For profit prisons. Example of the BBC using prisoners to work on programme archive plan (Daily Telegraph)

"Good terms" essay together with Peter Kaufman

Gordon Bell's Total Recall -- transformation to a Looxcie device.

Commercial services not credible in terms of long term storage.

(Google Books digitization, no long term guarantees).

Personal Archiving

LAMs to:

  • Support for self-archiving

Genelogical project by the Mormon Church

(my thoughts) Links to

Consumers consume 80% of hard drive market -- Tom Hofman (?)

Making Every citizen a personal archive.


Google reversal on search index on research material ?

Charlotte Hess: How to avoid "enclosure"


Geert's comment of the future may be offline... Me personally, nice reminder of the Playground festival performance. How to go "offline" without losing digital quality of access, immediacy...

(Imagining the "active archive" USB stick with a common access browsing supporting RDF based facet browser with timeline, etc, etc)...

random links (needs to be placed)

(Dmitri Kleiner), also

What links here

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