Doing with Images Makes Symbols pt1

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Author: Alan Kay


Date: 1987


Alan lines up a number of systems including Englebart's Sketchpad, the FlexMachine, the RAND tablet and Smalltalk, all of which were way ahead of their time and demonstrate some concepts not carried through even today. This is an entertaining (for the UI nut) and strong case for software & imagination being the bottleneck of current computing, and of Mr. Kay's mastery of user interfaces. Highly recommended!


This is an exceptional piece of computer history. I often use this video when teaching computer history or introduction to computing to my students of all ages. This video by Alan Kay includes a much earlier video of Doug Engelbart (1968) and his pioneering work in computing. Anyone teaching computer history or related subjects should view this, and may want to incorporate it into their courses. Alan Kay, and Doug Engelbart, are two of the heavyweights in computer development. This is an amazing video!


Production Company: University Video Communications Sponsor: Apple Computer Inc Audio/Visual: sound, color Keywords: Technology: Computers: History

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