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Deze presentatie in het Nederlands

Based on slides presented at the Archipel Meeting 16 Nov, 2011


Intro: Active Archives


Intro: Active Archives

Starting point

  • Archiving as a form of reflection
  • Digital material thrives in distribution and reuse

Implications (for archivist, institution, artist):

  • Readiness to let go
  • Openness to receive reworked material

Intro: Active Archives


Working session: Archiving starts now, Fundacio Antoni Tapies, Barcelona, 2009

Intro: Active Archives

IMG 2341.JPG

Working session: Timed Text, Constant Brussel, 2010

Intro: Active Archives


Working session: Tagging Matters, Constant Variable, Brussel 2011

Background: In the beginning was ... the link

<a href="">
  Images of the first Web browser


Background: Return to HyperText (1)


Ted Nelson: Everything is deeply intertwingled

Background: URL = API

An Open API (Application programming interface):

  • URL brings existing protocols together
  • You don't need permission to make a link

Bckground: Return to HyperText (2)


Background: The semantic web and the return of the REL

Semantic Web: The good parts:

  • Return to the qualities of HyperText
  • The document is once again central
  • Self-standing, linked documents are source

Background: New protocols

  • Linked data: RDF, SPARQL
PREFIX dc:<>
PREFIX aa:<>
SELECT DISTINCT ?doc ?doctitle ?docdate ?docauthor ?o ?otitle
?doc <> ?o .
?doc dc:title ?doctitle.
?doc dc:date ?docdate.
?doc dc:creator ?docauthor.
?doc ?p <> .
OPTIONAL { ?o dc:title ?otitle }

New ways to search:

  • SPARQL as a bridge from database to links (SQL for linked data)
  • Publically accessible endpoints and API's make federated search mogelijk
  • Stimulates connections betwen sites, databases, institutions

What's missing:

  • Editing tools to write with semantic links

Backgrond: Welcome Wiki!


  • Wiki means fast (the movement from reading to writing)
  • Making a link is easy (use CamelCase or some extra [[punctuation]])
  • New pages are made by referring to them in the flow of a text
  • Wikis follow the logic of the writer, not the database.

Tagging with links:

 [[Category: Composer]]
 [[Category: People born in in 1972]]

AA Video Wiki: System overview


AA Video Wiki is a browser

[[ embed:: ]]

Don't upload, just link:

  • Material is added via a URL
  • Multimedia material can be altered on the fly with filters

AA Video Wiki: Writing with video

AA MichaelMoss.png

AA Video Wiki: Examples of use

Pieter Geenen, Silence


AA Video Wiki: Examples of use

Mixing Bodies playlist

AA MixingBodies02.png

AA Video Wiki: Examples of use

Stare: Peter Westenberg

PeterWestenberg Stare03.png

AA Video Wiki: Examples of use

QNA / Libre Graphics Meeting

LGM GingerCoons.png

AA Video Wiki: Examples of use

Sarma: Oral Site


AA Video Wiki: The web as a graph


Live SVG examples: People, Works

Active Archives

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