"Active Taxonomies" Workshop Barcelona February 2011

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We held the workshop in February

Alexandre Leray

Video wiki little issues

  • Nasty bug with textarea padding
  • See timecode all the time
  • Background draggable a la google earth
  • See Top (leading non-timed) title all the time.
  • Check auto scroll in Playing Playlist
  • Playlist items with no times
  • "Play" button in annotation seems like way to escape edit... in general hide the annotation header bar when in edit mode ?!
  • YouTube URL normalization

Bigger issues

  • Still encountering double titles, how to deal with this well?
  • Ability to create synonyms in Tags.
  • Instead of Tag Rename... what if it was possible to edit sections "in place"... ie allow a group edit of a number of sections.
  • Clear that sense of realtime updates is important -- to see how edits are happening in real time -- return to an ajax/poll model for reading / showing system messages.
  • Idea of making a "workspace" for a workshop or a group -- see the list of participants / what materials are being worked on.
  • Start page really not working... get the recently edited / annotated correct. Need a proper (simple) search tool.





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