Interviews with participants of the Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 – Brussels

Azzaddine Amjahed
Kaveh Bazargan
Ginger Coons
Dave Crossland
Jose Cruz
Erik Dahlström
Hong Phuc Dang
Marcos Diaz
Kenneth Henry
Pierre Huyghebaert
Denis Jacquerye
Ricardo Lafuente
Hin-Tak Leung
Peter Linnell
Mustapha Nhaily
Pierros Papadeas
Akkana Peck
Lachezar Petrov
Jon Phillips
Alessandro Rimoldi
Vladimir Savic
Eric Schrijver
Peter Sikking
Susan Spencer
Jakub Szypulka
Ruben Vermeersch
1. Please introduce yourself
2. What's your definition of libre graphics?
3. When and how did you get in contact with libre graphics?
4. How do you work with or on libre graphics?
5. Are libre graphics important to you and why?
6. In what ways are you connected to the LG community?
7. What do you think the future of LG will be (or will look like)?